True Cadillac Flagship Sedan Likely Admits Senior Exec

True Cadillac Flagship Sedan Likely Admits Senior Exec

When the XTS was first revealed, the media began touting it as Cadillac’s new flagship car, but the President of GM North America has made it clear that there is a new car in the works that sits above the XTS, meant to combat the German luxury brands.

The starting price point on the XTS is $44, 995, which puts it in line with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Lexus GS, and BMW 5-Series. This however leaves the Audi A8, Mercedes S class and BMW 7-series to command the high-end of the luxury market, something that Cadillac is looking to counter with its new flagship.

“I’m a fan of going right at those segments and beating them in segment,” GM’s North American president Mark Reuss says. He went on to comment that he would “love Cadillac to have a flagship.”

The new flagship will ride on the Omega platform which is in development now and will spawn rear-drive large sedans, one of which being the Caddy flagship.

[Source: AutoNews]