Usain Bolt and Nissan GT-R Team up for New Marketing Campaign

Usain Bolt and Nissan GT-R Team up for New Marketing Campaign

Three time Olympic Gold Medal sprinter Usain Bolt and Nissan Motor Co. have joined forces for a new marketing campaign. Dubbed “WHAT IF” the campaign is designed to tantalize the senses, highlighting Nissan’s vehicles and technologies designed to “excite,” such as the GT-R supercar.

According to Bolt, the partnership seemed logical, since as the world’s fastest man, he already owns one of the world’s fastest cars – a Nissan GT-R. “The Nissan GT-R is a wonderful car and perfect for me. I love everything in it. I enjoy driving it, and I feel completely safe, and that is the key thing for me,” he said.

The new campaign is the first to emerge from Nissan’s new global marketing arm, that was given a brief last year to develop programs that accelerate Nissan brand awareness, as part of the firm’s Power 88 business plan.

“WHAT IF” will initially be visible at major international airports worldwide from June 1, with the goal of lasting several years, via continuously refreshed content. Nissan says that the campaign will also feature prominently online with shareable social media content and more in depth stories and features.

  • T. Roll

    WHAT IF… I fell asleep reading this post?

  • Mutesians

    I like it! Especially the layout of Usain Bolt and the GTR side by side! Go Nissan!

  • Term

     who the f**k care. bolt is tha man