Waze Smartphone App Now Offers Real-Time Gas Prices

Waze Smartphone App Now Offers Real-Time Gas Prices

The Waze app first gave us social navigation. It followed that up with voice-based hazard reporting. Now, the popular GPS and live traffic app offers real-time gas prices along your driving route.

With 17 million people already part of its community, drivers will now be allowed to work together to inform others about gas prices. Even better, Waze will also now be offering Wazer-only discounts on gasoline at participating gas stations around the country. This couldn’t come at a better time, with so many people on the road for summer vacations.

So here’s how it works: just search “gas” in the new category search and see real-time prices near you. If prices have changed when you get to the station, you can change them using the app. The Waze app also shows you where the closest Wazer-only fuel discounts are on the map.

You can download the Waze app for free now at the Apple App Store.

  • I honestly have enough GPS apps (Google Mpas & TeleNavs) I wish they had an add-on feature to Google Maps or something. This would be useful when going out of town, however.

  • H8R fo Life

    Out of town, yes, but I also think the exclusive discounts thing is pretty cool. 

    I disagree though, I’m glad it isn’t built into Google Maps. I feel like Google screws the pooch almost every time it touches something. Google +? R u kidding? What a bunch of donkey poop…

    Remember Google Wave? How quickly did we “wave” goodbye to that crock? 

    So if Google tried to integrate that crapola, I feel like it would be governed by a computer, slow to update and frustrating to use.

    I feel like this one would be better because it’s user-generated content and offers a Groupon-like deal system. BOOYAH