1957 AC Ace Bristol Tops H&H Buxton Sale

1957 AC Ace Bristol Tops H&H Buxton Sale

On July 5, H&H Classics held its collectors’ car sale in the U.K., with a 1957 AC Ace Bristol fetching the highest price of the day – close to $234,000.

The AC Ace was produced from 1953 to 1963 and was one of England’s first post-war sports cars. Designed by John Tojiero, the Ace was an open two-seater featuring an aluminum body that sits on a lightweight, tubular chassis. The ‘Bristol’ variant was introduced in 1956, packing more performance thanks to a trio of carburetors, front-disc brakes and a four-gear transmission. Most notably about the Ace however is that it became the basis for Carroll Shelby’s infamous Cobra.

Also of note from the auction was a 1965 Jensen C-V8 MKIII that sold for over $60,600 – nearly double the original estimate. Sadly, a collector traveled all the way from Italy with the sole purpose of purchasing the car, and didn’t manage to.

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