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 |  Jul 03 2012, 3:45 PM

Exterior Styling: A Major Improvement

Jeep ditched the ugly old front end we saw during our previous encounter with the Compass for a handsome new mug that looks more like the Grand Cherokee. Chrome accents outlining the grille vents and headlights that imitate the more luxurious (and expensive) SUV give the final generation of Jeep’s trucklette a more presentable look. Combined with the red paint and slick-looking alloy wheels, the Compass is finally something you don’t need to feel embarrassed to be seen in.

The rear bumper loses the “Compass” logo, which is a nice touch, though Jeep understandably kept the tiny rear quarter window and ugly black plastic handles for the rear passenger doors. We would have been surprised to find that changed considering the model has been cancelled.

Our test vehicle came with optional tow hooks as well, though its tough to imagine pulling anyone out of the mud or snow with such a relatively weak engine.