Five-Point Inspection: 2012 Jeep Compass Latitude 4 x 4

Five-Point Inspection: 2012 Jeep Compass Latitude 4 x 4

Easy-to-Clean Interior, Uncomfortable Seats

Considering the starting price, the Compass comes with acceptable interior quality, though you’ll never forget that you’re in a relatively cheap car. Little touches like illuminated cup holders and removable rubber liners in most of the compartments make the cabin easy to clean.

Unfortunately, the seats (front and rear) are uncomfortable on long drives. The front buckets completely lack lumbar support while the rears are board-flat and feel cramped to most adults. Jeep also put two cup holders over the drive shaft hump in the rear, so bringing a fifth passenger will be either awkward or out of the question.

On the other hand, those seats both recline and fold flat, to create a spacious rear cargo area or slightly more tolerable riding condition for the taller members of your entourage.


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