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 |  Jul 03 2012, 3:45 PM

Power to Move But Not to Impress

Punching the gas pedal from a stand still gives adequate power when it’s needed, but you’ll never forget that it’s a four cylinder. Jumping from a line of stopped cars into live traffic is downright stressful, especially because there isn’t a manual gearing mode on the CVT transmission.

Another downfall of the CVT is that at higher speeds (80 mph) the car feels near its limits both in terms of power and refinement. Going any faster than that probably means you’re speeding, so maybe that’s not a bad thing, but we’re solid proponents for having the horsepower to move out of a dangerous situation when you need to and that’s not the case here. Again, the CVT makes the car buzzy at high rpm, hurting the car’s cruising comfort.