2013 BMW Z4 Facelift Revealed in Spy Photos

2013 BMW Z4 Facelift Revealed in Spy Photos

Spy photos of the face lifted 2013 BMW Z4 are showing the updated roadster nearly nude with a skimpy few bits of clothing over its head, tail lights and fender ornaments.

The pictures suggest that the only updates will be in those places, probably following similar updates to the 3 Series. In fact, it looks like the updates will be very mild, with little changing over the 2012 model year. BMW will move the turn signal indicators up onto the side mirrors, but the obvious updates stop there.

A revised interior seems likely, though the photos don’t lend much to that theory. The engine options should also remain the same unless there’s a surprise in store from the M division.

GALLERY: 2013 BMW Z4 spy photos