2013 Ford Escape Recalled for Brake Issues

2013 Ford Escape Recalled for Brake Issues

Ford is recalling over 10,000 2013 Escapes due to mispositioned carpet padding that could lead to interference when braking.

8,266 Escape SUVs are affected in the U.S., while 2,193 are in Canada and a few hundred more are in Mexico. All of the Escapes being recalled were built between March 8th to June 7th at the automaker’s Louisville Assembly Plant. No problems or accidents directly related to the recall issue has been reported by customers.

The issue was discovered back in June when an employee spotted a space between the brake pedal and the center console left-side trim panel and concluded that it could result in the driver contacting the edge of the brake pedal when moving the foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. The issue could increase braking distance.

Those affected will be notified starting July 23rd and dealerships will remove the carpet padding and replace the console trim panel with a new panel featuring a different surface contour.

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  • 2013 Escape already losing to the 2012 CR-V.

    Look at the observed mileage.  27+ for the CR-V,  20 for the Escape.


  • james

    I dont know whos mileage you are observing but the few escapes that I see including my own are getting much more than 20.

  • Dalejan8188

    My 2013 ford Escape, when breaks applied on a road that is slanting to right, the steering wheel  pulls hard to the right. What is the cause? Has there been a recall for this?

  • KG

    I paid $40,000 for 2013 ford escape in Canada, but its gives the weather only on cities in The US. Not on Canadian cities.

  • TJRadio

    My 2013 Escape pulls very hard to the left. Had the nitro checked and they say everything was fine. Please let me know if you find anything out because its definately not right.