Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Ford Mustang V6

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Ford Mustang V6

-Retro style gets updated look

The retro style of the Mustang has looked good since its introduction in 2005, but for 2013, some small tweaks help modernize it. For starters there’s a meaner, more pointed front fascia and revised lower intakes. Most obvious, however, are the lighting changes with HID headlights standard, highlighted by two small LED light bars, while out back sequential three-bar rear turn signals are framed by high-gloss black panel surrounds.

It may have a stigma among a younger generation, but this American muscle car is the only one that has the looks (and the driving feel) to compete with modern Japanese and Korean contemporaries.

  • Hans

    I love the new headlights on the Mustang. You’re nuts if you think it doesn’t handle well. I’ve driven one with the track pack and it blew me away!
     And personally I still find the V6 slightly underwhelming.

  • Jake

    Why did you put your cell phone and iPod in the cup holder? There is a compartment right behind the cup holder for these items and it even has a USB port.

  • The compartment is also the arm-rest. Retrieving anything out of it while driving is a feat of acrobatics. The cup-holders are the only functional, at-hand storage, and therefore become the first place for items like that. 

  • Auto8730

    I have the 2012 v6 w/o the performance package. This I must say is the best “first sports car” to own. You can always upgrade to a GT or shelby or any other muscle later. 

  • I have always wanted a Mustang and currently have a family and a mortgage. I got a V6 and compare to my frontier i have had for the last 11 years, it is a porsche. This car is amazing and so much fun to drive on date nights with the wife. I will keep this until i am gray and old.