Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Ford Mustang V6

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Ford Mustang V6

-Non Functional Cabin

Of course a sports coupe like a Mustang isn’t going to be practical, but the amount of storage in the cabin is dismal to say the least. The two cup holders quickly fill with a cell phone and iPod, and suddenly become useless as cup holders.

The driver is sucked so far back into the car that reaching the glove box is near impossible. Luckily there’s not enough room in the back seats to fit anyone, so you can use that space for your belongings.

The trunk offers ample storage, but the cabin definitely lets you know that this car is for driving, and not much else.

  • Hans

    I love the new headlights on the Mustang. You’re nuts if you think it doesn’t handle well. I’ve driven one with the track pack and it blew me away!
     And personally I still find the V6 slightly underwhelming.

  • Jake

    Why did you put your cell phone and iPod in the cup holder? There is a compartment right behind the cup holder for these items and it even has a USB port.

  • The compartment is also the arm-rest. Retrieving anything out of it while driving is a feat of acrobatics. The cup-holders are the only functional, at-hand storage, and therefore become the first place for items like that. 

  • Auto8730

    I have the 2012 v6 w/o the performance package. This I must say is the best “first sports car” to own. You can always upgrade to a GT or shelby or any other muscle later. 

  • I have always wanted a Mustang and currently have a family and a mortgage. I got a V6 and compare to my frontier i have had for the last 11 years, it is a porsche. This car is amazing and so much fun to drive on date nights with the wife. I will keep this until i am gray and old.