2013 Lexus LS Video Gives History Lesson by Numbers

2013 Lexus LS Video Gives History Lesson by Numbers

Lexus debuted the new flagship LS yesterday and the Japanese automaker has released a video detailing the significant milestones that went into the various LS models and the story behind the original car.

During that story, the Japanese automaker repeatedly calls it the best luxury car in the world. Given that the first model required $1 billion in development and six years of work, it likely was the best when it debuted. Is the new one the best? That is something that various automakers may argue against.

Lexus can claim first to use infared in the rear-seat climate control system, but then again Mercedes-Benz brand and holds bragging rights like the first car in Europe to use airbags. Lexus says that when the chairman pitched his desires for the original LS, many thought it was impossible.

“Best” is a hard thing to define, but when a shopper considers reliability, then the LS seems like a serious contender for best luxury car.

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