2013 Nissan 370Z Base Price Raised by $1200

2013 Nissan 370Z Base Price Raised by $1200
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Nissan just released pricing details for its 370Z in hard top, convertible and high-performance NISMO packages, which are now available at dealerships.

With minimal changes to the new model year, there isn’t much to compel buyers toward the newest “Z car,” something that has haunted Nissan since the car first sold in 2009. That stands in stark contrast to the 350Z, which made a big splash in the market upon arrival in 2003.

Nissan will ask a $33,900 starting price including delivery, which will buy you the base coupe with a six-speed manual while the seven-speed automatic comes at a $1,300 premium. Getting into the hotter NISMO version will cost $43,800 and only comes with a stick.

Dropping the top won’t be cheap with a minimum $42,250 entry price that runs to $46,250 in the highest trim level.

Ho hum sales and lackluster improvements year-over-year have done little to popularize the car since its introduction. Another major factor in the car’s sluggish sales has got to be the fact that it’s power ratings dont come close to stacking up with the American competition.

At those prices, the same customer can get into a much more powerful Mustang or Camaro, or a similarly powered V6 version for roughly $10,000 less. The Nissan is an arguably better car to drive, but that’s stil probably a tough gap to bridge for most buyers.

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