2013 VW Passat Gets Minor Updates, Mild Price Hike

2013 VW Passat Gets Minor Updates, Mild Price Hike

Further affirming its commitment to deliver an American-focused midsize sedan, Volkswagen will tweak its U.S.-built Passat for 2013 while raising the base price $850.

Among those changes, the car will now come with a standard rear-view camera in SEL trim models, a safety and convenience feature finding its way into more cars every year. From a practical perspective, having a camera aimed behind the car is helpful, but that’s not the only thing VW is focusing on for next year’s car.

Cup holders are a key point of interest for the German automaker. The 2013 Passat will feature a rethought center console with better features to fit your Big Gulps, Starbucks cups and whatever juice, jug or junk drink your thirst desires.

Aside from the more Americanized cup holders, the center console will also have rear seat air vents and a tweaked front stowage area. In 2012, the Passat underwent major surgery meant to make it more appealing in the U.S. market. Despite being a gamble, the car has been a strong success. Still, Volkswagen isn’t satisfied that the car is competitive enough against cars like the Toyota Camry, though it hopes the changes will help.

  • Resistman

    Can I still buy the German version with the  turbo 6 speed in hte States?

  • Diskos6

    Ah, a price hike by $850, thanks for mentioning that. Of course everybody now knows what the new price is…..