2014 GM Trucks to Lanch with 6-Speed Transmissions, 8-Speeds to Follow

2014 GM Trucks to Lanch with 6-Speed Transmissions, 8-Speeds to Follow

GM plans to release its revamped lineup of trucks next year as 2014 models, and it appears that the American automaker won’t be equipping them with eight-speed automatic transmissions – at least not yet.

While the competition, such as Ram, has turned to offering an eight-speed, according to GMInsideNews, GM’s eight-speed automatic transmission is not quite yet ready, and might not come for another couple of years when the trucks receive a mid-cycle upgrade. This is similar to what happened back in 2007, when GM launched revamped models of its truck lineup with four-speed automatic transmissions.

Both the 2014 Silverado and Sierra will launch with six-speed automatic transmissions only, but are the same units that are available as an option on the current models. It is expected that GM’s eight-speed transmission will be developed as part of its Hydra-Matic automatic transmission lineup.

  • Hu Mart

    Well, once again GM is behind the other competitors.  GM’s trucks were outdated, interior and exterior wise, two model years ago.  Now they will fall further behind while Ford and Ram enjoy watching their products drive out the door.

  • Try as you will.. it’s just tough to get excited about Gubment Motors.

  • Lorenkaren

    Used to admire gm engineering, but now their motto should read “a day late and a dollar short “

  • Ford still offers the 2012 model 1500 E cargo van with only a four speed automatic but GM has the 6 speed auto trans with double overdrive on it’s !500, 3500 and 3500 series cargo vans. It seems clear that GM is trying harder to beat Ford in the truck wars  And by the way, when the propane, LPG, full factory conversion is offered, Ford uses a lesser quality fuel injector made in Italy but GM of uses a much better quality propane fuel injector. I know of what i speak, having driven almost 1 million miles on propane in commercial vehicles since 1981. By the way, all 3, Ford, Dodge and Chev-GMC all offer a propane ready engine on the pickup trucks so you can choose to save money by using an aftermarket conversion company. A word of warning, do not let any aftermarket conversion shop do your conversion unless they have been doing it for at least 10 years. They just will not have the experience they need to do the best job. Always, always run a full synthetic engine oil ( after engine breakin only ) of at least 10W30 or 5W40 or even 15W40, especially if you are hauling a heavy trailer over 3,000 pounds. The full synthetic oil will allow the engine to run at least 15 to 20 degrees cooler because propane burns very,very hot because it has 18 percent hydrogen. Propane has 18 times the hydrogen content compared to CNG, compressed natural gas. That is why your car or truck will travel at least 35 percent farther on propane, LPG, than when running the same vehicle on CNG.        

  • Hu Mart, see my comments posted here showing that GM is doing a better job for both Green fuels and drivetrain on the 2013 model trucks. 

  • 2c8

    What about ford ! Their super duty same old style since 1998. Their f-150 since the the early 2000’s . Same Shit different day. Dodge & Chevrolet at least change their styling ! The difference between a 2012 & a 2013 f-150 they moved the front licence plate bracket from the side of the bumper to the centre WOW ! ! FORD  FOR OLD RETIRED DRIVERS !

  • 2c8

    Wake up!  Ford has had the same crap for years and years. Super duty since 1998, f-150 since the early 2000’s  Were have you been.

  • Guest

     LOL to most who comment here I`m a old school mechanic  Tec to you kids. Its not that easy to do  R. & D. And you have to get it right. Or you are selling junk No one wants.I`m a Corvette Fan !!! all the way! But I drive a truck most of the time. And if its good enough for Ford – GM = or Dodge. Its good enough for me. I stay away from shift kits & tuners Cause I dont need the head ake of fixing the car or truck twice .Most of the trucks I`vie  driven are winter beaters You know 1000 & rides. Mind you I only pay for parts. To fix it.  All  I`d like to say is put what the factory said to use If its senthic use it if real oil use it. Dont buy the cheeper stuf. that its not desined for like Dextron & Mercon.  Mercon 4 is what the factory wants (Use it) Not mercon 3 Cause its cheeper  CM has spent lots of money on R & D and its right when it left the factory. Thats why Corvette keeps getting faster and faster to spite Goverment restritions. And Chevy Trucks are cool ride

  • Celebrate Homogeneity

    They can always be like Chrysler and bring a transmission to market before it is ready. Do I need to remind anyone about Ultra-Drive? Or the truck automatics with an overdrive having all the durability of papier mache? The 6-speed works very well and seems to have an excellent service record.