2014 Infiniti G Sedan to Cut Weight, Feature Emerg-E Styling

2014 Infiniti G Sedan to Cut Weight, Feature Emerg-E Styling

Infiniti has enjoyed immense success over the years, particularly with its G model lineup, but the Japanese automaker is still mulling over a new flagship model for the luxury brand.

But first, the next G sedan is set to debut in 2013 and according to Nissan and Infiniti design chief Shiro Nakamura, the 2014 G sedan will feature Emerg-E influenced styling. In addition, a new small hatchback presumably based on the Etherea concept, will also have styling influences from the Emerg-E hybrid when it hits the market in 2014. The automaker plans to price the hatchback under the G lineup.

As for the rest of the lineup from Infiniti, all models are going on a diet – much like what Nakamura has hinted about the 2015 Nissan Z model. According to Nakamura, the new G is much sportier and “has really nice proportions” – he even went as far as saying the current model is “a bit fat.”

Whether or not the Emerg-E will become the flagship model for the brand however is still up in the air. Infiniti is still considering an SUV or a sedan model to become the flagship, but Nakamura did hint that the Emerg-E could be built in small volumes in Britain.

[Source: Inside Line]