2014 Lexus IS will be Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary

2014 Lexus IS will be Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary

Rumors surrounding the next Lexus IS are abundant, and now it is becoming clear that the car will take a serious departure from its current form. 

”When you’re a challenger brand and you’re number four [in sales], you can’t afford to be evolutionary,” said Peter Evans, a marketing manager at Lexus Australia. This comment re-enforces the fact that the new IS will be sportier, and more focused on delivering the goods when it comes to performance.

There is a possibility that the new IS will ride on the GT86 platform, which could then spawn a much sportier coupe version. Using this existing platform would cut some costs, but adapting the frame to run with the IS would likely be an expensive process. An IS F (2012 IS-F shown) will no doubt come further down the line, which would also benefit from the GT86 chassis.

“On the IS we realized it needs to be more focused,” said Ketan Renade, Lexus product planner for the ES and LS. While rivals have carefully balanced the hard-edge performance wants with luxury ride quality, “The IS doesn’t have to play a comfort role for us.”

For style, the IS will ride with a wider more aggressive stance, and the most radically designed spindle grille yet. Because of its sales positioning, the Lexus designers have lots of room to make the new IS something that is completely evolutionary.

  • Greg Conrad

    As a huge IS fan…I don’t know about this. I like the fact that you can have a luxury car with comfort then kick up the RPMs for a sportier car. I get the feeling that they are going to F it up. I bet the thing will look like a four door LF-LC but with glass covering the entire headlight assembly and a not so dramatic rear taillight assembly.  If so they will definitely put some noses out of whack because I’m not buying the ES to get my comfort. Maybe a GS then. 

  • Chili

    Wider stance would be nice.  Please don’t remove the touch screen interface like the rest of the Lexus line.

  • Giso

    in your article above “An IS F (2012 IS-F shown)” That is not an IS-F… its a IS250 or IS350 F-sport… A 2012 Lexus IS-F does not have the indicators on the mirrors even thou the IS250/350 since 2010 do… and the guards are wider – take note: the front guards in the pic! The IS-F wheels are a different style and the front bar is completely different