2014 Mazda CX-5 May Gain Larger 2.5L Skyactiv Engine Option

2014 Mazda CX-5 May Gain Larger 2.5L Skyactiv Engine Option

If there’s anything wrong with the 2013 Mazda CX-5, it’s that the 2.0-liter Skyactiv engine isn’t exactly a powerhouse.

Delivering 155 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque, the engine is slightly more powerful than the version in the 2012 Mazda3, and is segment leading for fuel economy, though it lacks the punch of much of its competitors.

According to a tip we’ve received after a Mazda dealer meeting in Chicago, Mazda will solve that problem with a larger and more powerful engine that will be offered as an option. Set to first debut in the upcoming 2014 Mazda6, the 2.5-liter Skyactiv 4-cylinder should make closer to 170 hp with equal torque and deliver the brand’s fun-to-drive characteristics.

What isn’t yet clear is if Mazda plans to offer the CX-5 with a diesel powertrain option. Our tipster, however, has confirmed that the new Skyactiv-D diesel engine will arrive in the Mazda6 in October of 2013.

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  • Rrobillardr

    Can’t wait!!! this is a great news to all of us ** Diezel ** engine would B my first 2 choice need 2 cars next year so CX-5 GS + Mazda -6 2014

  • Ryanbest

    I have a hard time seeing how an engine that is exactly 1/4 more the combustion volume of the 2.0 would only make an additional 15 extra hp. If the 2.0 makes 155 hp, and you take in to considerarion that each .50 liter from this engine produces 38.75 hp, then we should at least expect the 2.5 skyactive to produce 190 hp.

  • Pack484hawks

    procrastinating, procrastinating.  I love my CX5 Grand Touring, except for the engine. Underpowered and doesn’t deliver anywhere close the mileage promised. I suspect the 2.5 will be the same.  I really wanted the TDI. Needed a vehicle to replace my Sienna for fuel economy, wish I had never purchased it.  It gets marginally better fuel economy than the Sienna, but at least I could pull my boat.  I gave up torque and size, and only gained 25% better real world fuel economy because I have to rev the thing to 4k rpm just to keep up with traffic.  Now you want to bring in a 2.5 GDI?  Stop wasting time and money and bring in the TDI you idiots.  Maybe you should read the book about Steve Jobs.  He was a jerk, but at least he put out products that changed the world.  You are letting your bean counters ruin your company.  Take a chance, and make a statement, then your stock price will go up!  Until you do that, you will continue to be a 2nd tier automaker.

  • That is weird because I’ve just purchased the CX-5 Sport and receiving 34.2 mpg on the hwy and mixed driving 29 mpg.

  • Carlie

    Im doing some research on these cx-5s in the hope of possibly upgrading to one very soon however the reviews about lack of power worry me. When are they looking at bringing the bigger motor in?

    Also, the other thing that makes me go eww is the plastic at the bottom of the doors rather than full colour like my cx-7, whats going on there??? 

  • Pally2002-ticketd

    9200 miles on my grand touring awd cx5. I get a true 31.5 MPG on average, best tank 33.8, worst tank 28.7.

    Power is adequate, could be better but I do not feel the vehicle is “underpowered.”. My other car is a 2003 mustang with supercharger so I have a good reference point. Clearly the Mazda is nothing like the mustang, but I can live with the mazada all the same.

    Handling/ride quality make it a clear win.

  • SJossa

     Mazda CX-5 is underpowered — drove it back to back against CRV and there was no comparison.  Cx5 handles great, has a great interior, but I just cannot get past the engine. Those that tell you that it is not under powered must drive pretty slow.. The 2014  with 185 Hp is worth the wait.

  • This type of comment makes me laugh.  The CX5 is much smoother than the CRV which makes it feel slower.  The 0 to 60 time on the CX5 is better than the CRV.  It also has a better Customer Satisfaction rating with Consumer Reports than the CRV.  Better technology, better handling, better fuel economy and better acceleration.  Just better.  The CRV will jerk off the line and wins in the first 30 yards of a drag race and that makes it seem faster, but it is not.  Time does not lie.

  • You dont get good mileage because you drive around flooring it everywhere you go trying to drive it like it was a sports car.  It has a 0 to 60 time that matches or beats everything in it’s class.  You just don’t understand what the $28,000 car you bought is.  That is on you not Mazda.

  • Groundhog2008

    i would buy the cx-5 diesel today if it were avalible and priced slightly higher than the gas version.when is the projected arrival date?

  • Eved6363

    New 184 hp engine is NOT available on the SPORT model with the manual transmission.  The two other levels both got the new upgraded engine but, of course, with automatics.  Even the new 6 gets the 184 hp engine in the Sport model with a manual.  Why has Mazda cut manual shifting lovers out of the action?  Stupid.  Also the new diesel (which was named Car of the Year in Japan and comes with a manual trannie) only has an automatic.  I am sick of CVT’s, auto-manual shifters, automatic shifters et al.  I am 66 and LOVE shifting.  Heck of all my bicycles the one with the least number of gears has 27.  Hey Mazda, but the zoom, zoom back in the Sport model.  And my other gripe is that for the same money, the 6 with manual comes with a leather steering wheel and gear shift knob.  Why, you can’t even get those as an option on the manual CX-5.  Come on Mazda, act like a real car company instead of copying (UGH) Detroit.

  • Evad6363

    I test drove the 155 hp Sport model and there is definite lack of power.  Worse, and perhaps it was this particular car, there was a slight lag when hitting the gas and engine response.  Other wise it was THE best steering and handling car I have ever driven in its price range.  The steering is 1000% better than the newer BMW’s that now have electronic steering that is vague at best. 

  • Evad6363

    The VW Passat station wagon with diesel and manual transmission is very highly rated by Consumer Reports and can be had for well under $26k.