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 |  Jul 11 2012, 8:31 AM

American businessman Christopher Cox is the owner of one of the world’s most rare automobiles: A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Unfortunately, he’s also the owner of one of the world’s most expensive crashed cars.

The accident occurred out in France, as Cox, his wife, and his beloved 250 GTO were on a trip to commemorate the model’s 50th anniversary. One of just 39 ever built, Cox’s car is estimated to be worth upwards of $30 million before it was involved in a wreck on the way to Le Mans. Reports are that another vehicle hit it as it was attempting to overtake the famous Ferrari.

Cox’s wife, Ann, suffered a broken leg in the accident and it appears that Cox is unharmed. Two passengers in the other vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital.

Those that keep tabs on the Ferrari 250 GTO model, Cox’s particular one was chassis number 3445GT. Cox has owned the model since 2005.

[Source: Ferrari Life]

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    I think maybe “rarest”, not “most rare”….

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    Jump to 2:05 to see the GTOs in action!