ACLU New Jersey Launches Concealed Police Recording App – Video

ACLU New Jersey Launches Concealed Police Recording App – Video

The New Jersey branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has teamed up with app developer OpenWatch to offer a new ‘Police Tape’ app for free, allowing users to secretly record video and/or audio during a police stop.

It’s probably a disturbing thought that this app needs to actually be made, but ACLU-NJ wants to ensure the general population knows their rights when confronted by a police officer. The app is specially designed to conceal itself while running, so that if an officer was to glance at your smartphone, it would appear as if the screen is off and is not currently doing anything. Video recordings can also be uploaded to secure ACLU-NJ servers for further review and to ensure that they’ll never “magically disappear” if it became evidence.

The app is available for free on Android devices, and will be on its way to Apple iOS devices later this summer.

Watch a video on the ACLU-NJ Police Tape app after the break.

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