Aston Martin May Source Engines from Toyota

Aston Martin May Source Engines from Toyota

Aston-Martin is considering moving to smaller engines down the road and some reports say the company may tap its ally, Toyota as an engine supplier.

According to Dutch publication De Telegraaf, a source has let slip that Aston-Martin will pursue using the large V8s used across the Lexus range along with the Yamaha-built V10s from the LFA supercar. Toyota already provides Aston-Martin with a body-in-white version of the Scion iQ which the luxury automaker uses as the basis for its Cygnet city car.

The British automaker is considering downsizing its engines to meet carbon emission regulations. But the out-sourcing won’t come cheap, given how much effort Toyota and Yamaha put into the LFA’s handmade, lightweight, V10.

Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda and Aston-Martin CEO Ulric Bez have previously traded race cars during a race at the Nurburgring.

[Source: De Telegraaf]

  • z2cents

    The LFA has consistently topped the Aston at the Nurburgring. This will surely make things interesting.