Auto Industry Hiring Rate up 32% Versus 2011

Auto Industry Hiring Rate up 32% Versus 2011

Job security in the automotive industry has been questionable for many workers, though in last two years, things have begun to turn around, and now auto companies are hiring once again. 

According to job search website Wanted Analytics, 6,500 new jobs were posted in July of 2012, looking to recruit new employees to car companies. Compared to June of 2011, the amount of job postings has increased a total 32 percent, and has tripled since its lowest point in 2009.

Engineering jobs were the most listed positions in June 2012, followed by technical positions such as software engineers. The most popular job title advertised was quality engineer, followed by manufacturing engineer, production supervisor, maintenance technician, program manager, accountant and welder.

Detroit proved to be the most popular place for these jobs to be offered, and hiring in that city increased by 215 percent over June, 2011. The five cities with the highest volume of job listings are Detroit, Oshkosh, Wis., Portland,  Chicago, and Phoenix.


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