BMW 1M Coupe Stolen in Minutes: Key Fob to Blame

BMW 1M Coupe Stolen in Minutes: Key Fob to Blame

Anyone using a near field communications (NFC) key should take notice: tech savvy thieves can swipe your car without the key.

It’s a lesson best not learned the hard way, as one former BMW 1M Coupe owner learned after finding their car was missing and watching security footage on a close-circuit camera that watched the action. It’s not clear exactly how all this works, but the video below shows thieves breaking through the car’s window and apparently using a device to reprogram a key for themselves to take the car.

In Europe, fair trade rules keep automakers from restricting access to their OBD ports so that non-franchised garages can use diagnostic and security reprogramming devices. Unfortunately, that means the wrong people can gain the same access and run away with the car.

Video footage below of the BMW being stolen doesn’t seem to show the car’s alarm going off, despite the window being broken, which seems strange. According to Piston Heads, these incidents aren’t restricted to BMWs, but span a range of premium cars being targeted.

Britain’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is trying to make it harder to get the devices, but those actions might meet resistance from fair trade regulations.

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[Source: Piston Heads]