BMW Unveils London Olympics Pavilion

BMW Unveils London Olympics Pavilion

As an official partner of the 2012 London Olympics, BMW has had a strong presence leading up to the Games from lending its weather testing facility to proof the Olympic torch, to having its 320d model race against Olympic sprinter Mark Lewis-Francis.

So it’s no surprise that the German automaker’s pavilion at this year’s Olympics is impressive to say the least. With the opening ceremony less than two weeks away, BMW revealed photos of its pavilion that is located in the official Olympic Park. It will feature a plethora of models from the BMW Group including vehicles from MINI and Rolls-Royce.

Present will also be assorted concept models including the E-Scooter, i Pedelec bicycle, MINI Rocketman, and i3 and i8 electric vehicles. As for the pavilion itself, the structure is very impressive, sporting a modern design with a light and open appearance. The lower floor exhibition area will be dedicated to the London Olympics fleet. There will be interactive displays on hand so that guests can learn more about the automaker’s vehicles, as well as its vision for the future with its pending electric models.

GALLERY: BMW 2012 London Olympics Pavilion


  • Richinprop

    What was that in the papers about road lane closings in London for the Olympics to allow the unhindered passage of 4,000n BMW cars?