Brabus Smart Fortwo Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Brabus Smart Fortwo Celebrates 10th Anniversary

A decade ago, Brabus and Smart formed a relationship that has culminated in over 50,000 customized vehicles that are on the road today. To celebrate its anniversary, the two companies teamed up to create a special edition 10th anniversary Fortwo.

Limited to just 100 units, the special edition model is based on the Brabus Fortwo with 102 hp. But to set it apart from the crowd, the tridion safety cell, front grille, front spoiler, side skirts, and door mirrors are all painted in liquid silver. The headlights receive a titanium-colored treatment while the front and rear Brabus logos are finished off in red. Bolted on all four corners of the Fortwo are Brabus Monoblock VII wheels in a matte gray finish.

On the inside, the black leather interior receives high-quality hand stitching while the trim parts are painted in an exclusive red shade. A badge with a serial number marks each of the 100 limited edition vehicles.

No pricing was announced on the 10th Anniversary Brabus Smart Fortwo.

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  • Deborah Knickerbocker

    Had to have both rear wheels & tires replaced last winter on my 09 Brabus Cabriolet after hitting a bump in the road. Now both rear tires won’t hold air. Am I the only one with bad wheels?

  • G

    The Brabus model has low profile tires in the rear like many high performance cars have today, I personally have a 1998 Brabus and I have hit some rather hard potholes without any signs of rim or tire damage
    You must have hit quite a :”LARGE BUMP” to cause rim damage and most likely are the only onw with that problem, since Brabus wheels are one of the best and hartiest aluminum wheels made not to mention expensive