Cadillac Escalade EXT Ripoff From China is Hilarious

Cadillac Escalade EXT Ripoff From China is Hilarious

Chinese automaker Shanxi Victory Group isn’t a household name, but its latest vehicle shown in the rendering above probably looks familiar. 

That’s because just like the JAC F-150 ripoff truck, this company seems to be “borrowing” inspiration from another company. In this case it’s a bad marriage between a Candillac Escalade EXT and what looks like the bed from an F-150.

Information on the latest forgery isn’t easy to come by, but if it follows in similarly born cars, it won’t have the same big engine you would expect, but rather a four cylinder or a small diesel.

Fighting unscrupulous Chinese companies isn’t easy, though. The country’s government makes it very difficult to hold such groups responsible, but Ford actually managed to win, though such a result is unusual.

If Ford managed to win its battle with JAC, there’s probably a good shot that GM, an American automaker carrying a big stick in the Chinese market can probably wring a few necks in court too.

  • aussie guest

    Did you say the same thing when they released the 
    GHT6400 minivan they released in 2011. It has the same front treatment.