California Legalizes Dictated Texting While Driving

California Legalizes Dictated Texting While Driving

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is fighting a spirited battle against texting behind the wheel while California Governor Jerry Brown (pictured above) signs the “Freedom to Communicate” bill, which legalizes texting while driving, at least in part.

The bill, which will take effect next year, allows drivers with a phone that can send and receive  text messages hands-free to legally use their device provided it doesn’t need to be touched. That means drivers will need to use a Bluetooth headset or integrated vehicle system to do the dirty work.

Regardless, the law will represent a compromise in what has generally been a no-exceptions battle against distracted driving.

It’s still unclear exactly which phones will be allowed within the law, but the iPhone 4S, for example, might not make the cut because users need to push a button to access the Siri voice command system.

  • Greg Conrad

    Doesn’t California have bigger and more important things to worry about than fighting for what amounts to aided distracted driving? No wonder the state is in the state it’s in. Loooosers.