Carfax Mobile App Released for Android Users

Carfax Mobile App Released for Android Users

Adding convenience and confidence to the used car buying experience, today Carfax announced a mobile app for Android users.

Previously available on iOS devices, the vehicle history report provider expanded its mobile distribution to allow more users instant access to its service.

“Consumers love the ease and convenience of mobile apps,” said Larry Gamache, Carfax communications director. “Now, vital information from Carfax about a car’s past is available to Android smartphone users anytime, anywhere. In addition, the license plate feature is especially useful when considering cars that are for sale by owner.”

The license plate feature Gamache referred to is one of three ways app users can access information about the car sitting in front of them. By either plugging in the license plate, scanning the VIN or scanning the barcode, anyone armed with a compatible device can call up a history report instantly.

Of course, using the app costs money just like querying a report through your computer. You’ll need to log in through an already-existant account tied to a credit card. Still, being able to check a car’s history instantly through a phone could play easily into a buyer’s hand as a bargaining chip.

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