Caterham ‘Better’ Sports Car Coming: Boss Says

Caterham ‘Better’ Sports Car Coming: Boss Says

Caterham is know for building no-frills sports cars that offer an unadulterated driving experience, but that’s going to change in the future according to new brand boss Graham MacDonald.

Don’t expect any Mercedes E-Class rivals from the company, though. It will still be building machines for driving purists, though the new model will be a more upmarket two-seater slotted above its current “Seven” model lineup. One of the key features in that new car will be a hardtop, and a more comfortable cabin to go along with it.

MacDonald expects it to cost around £40,000, or about $62,500, and will still use a Ford four-cylinder engine, though it will benefit from a supercharger for extra power. A six-cylinder model is also beign considered, but isn’t likely to make it past the chopping block.

The new model is also supposed to be built with global appeal in mind to allow the company’s sales to expand in both Asia and the U.S.

[Source: Whatcar]