Caterham F1 Team Show off Driving Skills, by Playing Soccer – Video

Caterham F1 Team Show off Driving Skills, by Playing Soccer – Video

With the British Grand Prix kicking off this weekend, Caterham Formula One drivers Heikki Kovalainen and Vitaly Petrov decided to flex their driving skills in conjunction with the Queen Park Rangers (QPR) football team.

And by football, we mean soccer – since we’re the only country that refers to it as such. Kovalainen and Petrov took Clint Hill, QPR’s player of the year for the 2011-2012 season, and Djibril Cisse in a Caterham 7 sports car to show off what it can do with Formula One drivers behind the wheel. To tie it all together, the driver performed a stunt that involved sliding the rear end of the 7 to send a soccer ball into the back of a net.

The event was part of the Caterham Drive Experience, which hosts events all around the UK, allowing anyone with a driver’s license to learn how to perform stunts such as drifting and doing donuts in one of the British automaker’s sports cars.

“Wow, what an experience. You see these guys throwing an F1 car around on the TV but it’s only when you’re sitting next to them that it becomes real. They have unbelievable control behind the wheel and the ability both Heikki and Vitaly had to flip the front end to send the ball into the net was just incredible,” said Hill.

Watch the video after the break.

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