Chevrolet “Love it or Return it” Campaign Introduced

Chevrolet “Love it or Return it” Campaign Introduced

Chevrolet is confident that customers will love its new cars and is proving it with the new “love it or return it” buy-back campaign. 

Here’s the deal: If you don’t like everything about your new Chevy, the company will purchase it back at full price. The vehicle must have less than 4,000 miles on it, be damage free and it must be returned between 30 and 60 days of taking delivery of the vehicle. The love it or return it campaign is running from July 10, to September 4 and dealership fees and taxes will not be returned to the buyer.

Along with the buyback campaign, Chevy is offering what it calls “total confidence pricing,” which is no-haggle pricing. Basically, what you see on the vehicle sticker is exactly what you will pay, and Chevy says that all 2012 vehicles will be offered at special preferred rate.

“Chevy Confidence adds another element of convenience to the retail experience that is sure to attract consumers to our showrooms, and we know through first-hand experience that once they get behind the wheel of one of our new products, they are more likely to take one home,” said Steve Hurley, co-chair of the Chevrolet Dealer Council.


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