Chevrolet Spark Gets Less than 40 MPG

Chevrolet Spark Gets Less than 40 MPG

Chevrolet’s subcompact, the Spark, looks more like something out of a Pixar production than a car bearing the bow tie badge, but all is forgiven in the sub compact world provided good gas mileage. While the Spark isn’t bad, it could be better.

Some guessed the Spark would manage the 40 mpg mark given its small size, but that isn’t the case. Instead the little car is labeled by the EPA with a 32 mpg city and 38 mpg highway rating. That isn’t bad, and in fact falls in nicely near cars like the Scion iQ, which gets 36/37 mpg city/highway, but it still isn’t terribly impressive.

That’s because customers can choose the larger, albeit more expensive, Chevy Cruze to enjoy increased space and 40 mpg on the highway, or even the Cruze Eco which will best that figure with 42 mpg in the same setting.

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  • Can’t be too hard on the car’s highway mileage.  Cars with short length are not aerodynamic and can’t get impressive highway mileage.  The city mileage is 33 which is impressive.  Better than the Cruze Eco’s 29.

    Think of it this way:  The 2-seater Honda CRZ hybrid M/T gets 31/37.  So the non-hybrid 4-seater spark beats that car +1/+1!