Chevrolet Volt Sales Top Nissan Leaf for Fifth Straight Month

Chevrolet Volt Sales Top Nissan Leaf for Fifth Straight Month

What a turnaround the Chevrolet Volt has experienced in the past few months.

Just back in March, the American automaker had to halt its production in order to curb rising inventories, and now the extended range plug-in’s sales have topped the Nissan Leaf EV for the fifth month in a row.

Perhaps it’s another indication that pure electric vehicles aren’t quite catching on as quickly as some automakers had hoped, but the Leaf sold a meager 535 units last month compared to the Volt’s 1,760. In total, Chevrolet has managed to sell 8,817 Volts in 2012, surpassing last year’s total by a wide margin with six months to go in the year.

Nissan, on the other hand, is still planning that both deliveries and sales in the U.S. will pick up once the automaker’s Tennessee plant opens later this year. But there’s no denying the fact that the sales figures are staggering and eye-opening; for 2012 3,148 Leafs have moved off dealership lots – a 19 percent decrease from the first half of last year.

  • T. Roll

    About time people realized the Leaf is crap. I can understand a few people buying one, but the demand has to stop. Electric cars are DEAD.

  • Absolutely, you’re right.  I can understand hybrids, to an extent—-but pure electrics?  Ridiculous.  Also, it’s about time we stop calling them electric cars.  They are battery powered cars.  The batteries are recharged by electric, like a kids remote control toy car.  And that’s what these “electric” cars are:  Toys.  I say we start calling them what they are:  Battery powered cars.

  • Ken42

    I don’t own a Volt yet but have researched and test driven the Volt, Prius and Leaf and there is no comparison.  The Volt is, by far, the best of the three.  I just hope GM doesn’t abandon the model before I’m ready to buy.

  • Davevolt

    As a Volt owner, I can say that it is the best decision I have made in buying a new car. I have owned my volt now for 8 months, and in that time put over 13,000KM on the car. I have only used 2 tanks of gas in that time, and that was on a long trip. I plan to take an even longer trip next week, so I will go through a little bit of fuel, but the car is just so nice to drive. It handles well, is very quiet and comfortable, and even when burning gas which isn’t very often it gets great gas miliage. Compared to my old car, my investment in the volt will be totally paid off in fuel savings alone in 10 years. That’s right the entire purchase price recovered in fuel savings, and it is a hell of a nice car to drive, not like some little tiny econobox.


    You sound retarted.

  • Mr Maflagulator

    Electric cars are NOT dead.  They might be ahead of their time, which will come when charging stations become commonplace.  However, that may be 10 – 15 years down the road.  

    The Volt is, hands down, the perfect solution for people who need one vehicle to be their EV and long-range capable vehicle.  Not having to retain a second vehicle with an additional insurance payment and maintenance simply to go on a longer drive when needed a couple times a year doesn’t make sense.  The Volt DOES.

    Best vehicle I could’ve gotten.  Has more features to it than most will even know about.  Good for me, bad for people who don’t open their owner’s manual.

  • and you are a BULLSHIT!