Colorado Car Dealers Aid Community After Tragedies

Colorado Car Dealers Aid Community After Tragedies

Dealerships across Colorado are stepping up to help the victims of this summer’s wildfires and recent massacre. 

Fallout from last week’s movie theatre shooting is bigger than the 12 left dead. The 58 left injured are left to cope with enduring the traumatic event, part of which means paying for costly medical bills. Ed Bozarth owns five Chevrolet stores, three of which are in Colorado. Bozarth and his partners have formed a fund to help the shooting victims, starting it off with a $50,000 donation with $30,000 being given directly to the victims and the remaining $20,000 to the fire and police departments.

Mike Cimino, co-owner of a dealership group that controls 12 dealerships in Colorado and New Mexico including the Phil Long dealerships in Colorado Springs will donate $5,000 along with a full page ad expressing condolences in the Denver Post.

The recent charity hasn’t been the only such instance this summer, though. During the fires that ravaged Colorado Springs last month that claimed 348 houses and two lives, Cimino’s group donated about $100,000 in vehicles and service work to help fire victims.

[Source: Automotive News]