Criminal Charges Likely for Cops Escorting Exotic Cars

Criminal Charges Likely for Cops Escorting Exotic Cars

Criminal charges are likely following the high-speed supercar escort provided by New Jersey police last April.

Sources close to the case told NBC that those charges will probably be laid on Friday after an incident that prompted scores of drivers to complain that they saw police helping roughly 30 exotic cars through traffic well above the speed limit.

At the time of the incident, someone managed to capture cell phone footage of the event, which prompted an investigation.

“We will not tolerate any conduct by a member of the State Police that puts the public in jeopardy, as this unauthorized caravan had the potential to do,” the New Jersey Attorney General told reporters.

Former New York Giants star Brandon Jacobs was among the drivers participating in the run down to Jersey City. It isn’t clear if any of the drivers apart from the police who escorted the run will be charged.

[Source: NBC]

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