Distracted Driving Laws Might Make Roads More Dangerous

Distracted Driving Laws Might Make Roads More Dangerous

A new report from the Frontier Center, a Canadian-based public think tank, suggests distracted driving laws might actually make roads more dangerous.

“The danger of distracted driving legislation is that rather than complying, people tend to find ways to conceal their activities. This can result in more dangerous actions such as texting from below windshield level,” a release about the study said.

In one part of Canada, highway-related fatalities reached an all-time high in 2011: the first year distracted driving laws were in place. There were 110 deaths in Manitoba last year, which was a sharp rise from the 73 recorded in 2010.

It’s not surprising that laws aren’t dissuading drivers from texting at the wheel; there wouldn’t be a market for technology like cell phone jammers if they did.

What’s more disturbing about the numbers is that the death toll actually rose, and that the study’s findings echo statistics taken in states that took similar legal action against distracted driving.