Fiat 500L Makes Espresso to go… While you Drive

Fiat 500L Makes Espresso to go… While you Drive

The Fiat 500L is the big brother of the Fiat 500, and along with the added size, comes some added convenience, in the form of an incorporated espresso maker right in the car. 

That’s right, on the list of options for the 500L will be an in-car espresso maker. Designed in conjunction with Lavazza, the cup holder sized espresso machine will get its own power source and spot, located between the two seats behind the regular cup holders. The machine has a small timer on it to let you know when the espresso will be ready, and comes with two travel mugs.

While the car is rumored to be on its way to the U.S. and Canada, it probably won’t have the espresso option when it gets here. Lawsuits over burns and distracted driving would no doubt run rampant and ruin the cars credibility.

Watch the video below to see the 500L Lavazza Espresse maker.

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