Fiat 500T Possibly Revealed in New Commerical

Fiat 500T Possibly Revealed in New Commerical

Fiat has unveiled a new commercial today, called “immigrants”, showing off the Fiat 500 and its birth in America. It also looks like the company let a snapshot slip of the new Fiat 500T. 

At around the :48 second mark, a small sports tuned 500 is seen, but it does not appear to be the Abarth. The only other explanation is that it could be the new Fiat 500T. The 500T will feature a less powerful version of the Abarth’s turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder. Abarth models pumps out 160 hp, and the standard Fiat 500 with the 1.4-liter has 100-hp, so the 500T Sport should come in at around 130-140 hp.

The commercial shifts its focus from Italy in the beginning, to New York at the end. And as the scene shifts, the music smoothly transitions from a popular Italian song, Torna a Surriento (Come Back to Sorrento), to popular American artist Pitbull.

“‘Immigrants’ tells the story of Fiat’s resurgence in America in a manner that is smart, unexpected and stylish,” said Olivier Francois, president and CEO of Fiat worldwide.

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[Source: The Truth About Cars]