Ford Escape Fire Risk Traced to Supplier

Ford Escape Fire Risk Traced to Supplier

Ford is blaming one of its suppliers for flawed fuel lines that meant 11,500 of its 2013 Escape crossovers needed to be recalled.

It’s turning out to be a costly mistake for Ford, which is offering special treatment to the affected customers to the tune of $660 per vehicle to the servicing dealerships. Those inconvenienced will have a no-charge rental car during their car’s repairs. Ford will also fill the gas tank for free and return each unit detailed before picking the rental up.

At the problem’s root, some of the fuel lines were “mechanically scored” at TI Automotive’s plant in Ashley, Indiana, which is what can cause the leak. Since discovering the problem, Ti Automotive has fixed the assembly line problem and is continuing to supply Ford fuel lines.

While recalls never reflect positively on an automaker, Ford will have to tread especially cautiously given that the Escape was completely overhauled for 2013 and is meant to be a globally-marketed vehicle.

[Source: Reuters]