Ford Using Robot to Evaluate Interior Quality and Measurements

Ford Using Robot to Evaluate Interior Quality and Measurements

Metrics, the science of measurement, can be particularily important when it comes to car interiors and making sure every car is made the same, which is why Ford is employing the help of the robotized unit for tactility and haptics, known as RUTH. 

RUTH can measure softness, roughness, temperature, hardness and comfort, in its search for interior quality. RUTH is a robotic arm, that surgically pokes and prods at the material, buttons, and plastic in the car, measuring the exact amount of travel, and give and take. A quality feel is assured every time according to the company, thanks to the robots precision.

The idea behind RUTH is to take the human aspect out of quality, which in the past was the only input, and make quality a quantitative measurement.

“RUTH simulates the motor skills of a real person, allowing us to get precise measurements that explain what the customer wants. Engineers can take the findings and implement them. As a result, when customers sit in an affordable car like Fusion, they’ll feel instantly like they’re in a high-end ride,” said Eileen Franko, Ford’s craftsmanship supervisor.

Watch the video below to see more of RUTH.

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