GM Global Marketing Head Joel Ewanick Leaves Company

GM Global Marketing Head Joel Ewanick Leaves Company

The man behind the clever tweets during the controversy with GM’s Super Bowl ad and the automaker’s controversial Facebook ad pull has left General Motors.

Joel Ewanick was hired as GM’s U.S. marketing chief back in May 2010, and before the calendar year turned 2011, he was appointed as head of global marketing. His recent changes in General Motors include consolidating its external marketing and advertising agencies to just one firm, Commonwealth of Detroit. Ewanick also put all of GM’s media buying duties with Aegis’ Carat, removing dozens of separate agencies that the automaker has been working with for years. The consolidation was estimated to save GM $2 billion over five years.

In May however, Ewanick surprised the media by announcing that GM was pulling its Facebook and Super Bowl ads, which even caught GM officials off guard. The Facebook ad pull came just days ahead of the social network’s highly publicized IPO.

His decision to leave GM is another thorn in newly-appointed CEO Dan Akerson’s side. Since Akerson’s ascension to CEO, CFO Chris Liddell has left the company, while GM has also replaced its heads of manufacturing and engineering, OnStar unit, and European operations.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • stephena

    Whether it’s marketing or the content of the product (I’m looking at you, Volt) something is amiss at GM. Still.

  • Ziv Bnd

    GM’s marketing has been abysmal for some time, it is a good thing that they have an excellent engineering team or they would be completely dead in the water instead of being in perilous waters as they are now. I see that the Volt has already gotten 8% increase in its AER and has won the recent JD Power award for customer satisfaction. The Volt is a great car, and GM can do better, but its sclerotic management team is forcing their outstanding engineering team to perform miracles. Now if they would improve the finish quality of the rest of their line they might just hang on. Cadillac is about the only brand that is doing well, though Buick, oddly enough, is doing better.