Goodyear Goes Gymkhana in New ‘Control Freak’ Ad – Video

Goodyear Goes Gymkhana in New ‘Control Freak’ Ad – Video

When it came to launching its newest tire, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season, Goodyear decided to think outside the box in order to prove just how well this tire performed.

Innocent people were strapped into a BMW 3-Series Coupe and ended up going on what was probably the most exciting car ride they’ve ever experienced. In order to put it altogether on film and onto the Internet, Goodyear turned to none other than Ben Conrado who recently directed the newest Ken Block Gymkhana flick, as well as his previous one.

To give customers an idea of how the new tire performed, “test drives” were offered at a tire retail store, but behind the wheel was Danny Downey, a Hollywood stunt driver. Sprinkle in some water, snow, various cars, and a pinata truck and you might get a good idea of what the tire maker had in store for these people.

Needless to say, after going on that ride, there’s a good chance those customers got some Eagle F1s on their personal cars.

Watch the Goodyear ‘Control Freak’ video below.

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