Honda Earth Dreams Engine Debuting in New Accord, Acuras

Honda Earth Dreams Engine Debuting in New Accord, Acuras

Honda is developing a new line of engines it calls Earth Dreams, which will debut in the redesigned 2014 Accord, and eventually find its way throughout the entire Honda and Acura lineup.

The new engines use direct injection and double-overhead cams to offer up to 10 percent more fuel economy, as well as 5 percent more power. The 4-cylinder engines gain a new VTEC arrangement with an Atkinson cycle, lower load cam and extensive friction reduction technologies. One V6 will offered, which will net an estimated power output of 310 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque.

The Earth Dreams engine lineup will debut in the new Accord this fall, and will be mated to a CVT transmission. Honda is sticking in CVTs across its lineup of volume consumer cars, but the brands performance cars and off-road vehicles will retain regular geared transmissions.

As both the Honda and Acura lineups are redesigned over the coming years, each car will adopt an Earth Dreams engine in a similar philosophy to what Mazda is doing with its new SkyActiv engines.

  • whitneymuse

    I’m looking for this automobile. 

  • Rico Consigliari

    Uhm, er, not sure if it’s a typo or brainfart…but the modest tech change EarthDream engine…is in 2013 Accords.

    Rico Consigliari

  • whitneymuse

     Yes, it is in 2013 Accord platform; two weeks ago had the opportunity to drive one of the 4 door models and it had a drive-by-wire accelerator pedal; the engine has an abundance of torque; merely squeezing the accelerator it turned the front wheel drive enough to lightly squeal the tires; didn’t punch the pedal only squeezed it and had enough torque to slip the front 19″ tire; surprised me as I wasn’t punching the accelerator pedal.
    Frankly, if I can find a coupe V-6 that is “Earth Dreams” powered my 2012 Acura TL with less than 2,500 miles may be ready for very early retirement;    

  • But there are no true Earth Dreams engines out yet. The true ones are 2L and smaller, which on top of having Direct Injection they have the awesome valve behavior so that the engine will be part time Atkinson (like most hybrid vehicle engines) for economy and OTTO cycle for power on demand. So you can get nearly the MPG of a hybrid with a nonhybrid and the engine power of a regular car in a hybrid car. Win win