Honda’s ‘The Push’ Shows Off Civic Si HFP- Video

Honda’s ‘The Push’ Shows Off Civic Si HFP- Video

The 2012 Honda Civic Si underwhelmed many enthusiasts, and thanks to that backlash, Honda now makes the Civic Si HFP (Honda Factory Performance), which is the focus of a short video just released by the company. 

To show off the cars true colors, SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge driver Shea Holbrook was brought in to a closed off airstrip, and given the keys to the Si HFP. Comparing it to her race spec Civic, Holbrook notes that while many of the components are changed, the ‘bones’ of the car remain the same. The key message in the short video, called ‘The Push’, is letting the world know that Honda’s race ready Civic is actually very similar to the regular Civic.

The HFP package includes a complete aero kit and rear spoiler, lowering springs and shocks, 18-inch wheels with high performance summer tires and red floormats. “When you drive the Civic Si, you can really feel Honda’s racing heritage. It’s almost like all those great Honda drivers from the past are in the car with you,” said Shea Holbrook. “Our car is a bit lighter and more aggressively tuned but other than that, it’s the same vehicle. The bonus is that consumers get the comfy seats and killer audio system with their models.”

You can read AutoGuide’s review of the Civic Si HFP here. 

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