Hyundai Already Selling 2013 Models, Volvo Still Pushing 2011s

Hyundai Already Selling 2013 Models, Volvo Still Pushing 2011s

It’s that confusing time of the year for all auto buyers, when dealerships have a nice mix of current model year vehicles and next year’s model year vehicles sitting on the lot, available for sale.

It used to typically occur later on in the year around August and September, but Asian and German automakers have been introducing their newer model years in June, with plenty of inventory hitting dealership lots by July. Hyundai topped the charts last month, having 42 percent of its sales comprised of 2013 model year vehicles, while Lexus and Acura were a tad over 30 percent a piece.

Continuing down the list, Mazda and German automaker BMW sold 25 percent of its vehicles as 2013 model years last month, while Lincoln topped American automakers with 18 percent of its sales. American automakers tend to introduce their new model year vehicles later on in the year, following a more traditional cycle; Ford for example had 15 percent of its sales as 2013 model years last month, while Chevrolet had a mere 2 percent. All of the Chrysler group had no 2013 model year vehicle sales last month.

Most surprisingly from the report is that some automakers are still selling 2011 model year vehicles as new. 25 percent of Volvo‘s June sales were 2011 model year cars, while Lincoln and Mitsubishi reported 5 percent. Jaguar, Land Rover, and Chrysler had 3 percent of its sales last month as 2011 model year vehicles.

[Source: LA Times]


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