iPhone 5 May be Incompatible With New Cars

iPhone 5 May be Incompatible With New Cars

Keeping new cars connected with our personal electronic devices is more important than ever but a move by Apple may make the next generation iPhone incompatible with cable-based in-car technology.

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular on the market, and many automakers have responded by offering iPhone- and iPod-specific connections. These connectors work with the Apple products’ existing 30-pin hook-up which has been used on iPhones and iPods since the first unit sold. Now, Apple is looking to shrink the connector to a 19-pin setup, rendering all of the existing tech for Apple products incompatible with future products.

There will be alternatives to the straight iPhone hookup, like buying an adapter, using a generic USB cable or via Bluetooth. That said, this still represents an inconvenience to many new car buyers, and more importantly, car companies themselves.


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