Jeep Grand Cherokee Fails “Moose Test” by Swedish Publication

Jeep Grand Cherokee Fails “Moose Test” by Swedish Publication

This isn’t supposed to be a problem anymore, but a Swedish publication found during its “moose test” that even at moderate speeds the Jeep Grand Cherokee is at serious risk for a potentially fatal rollover.

Vehicles are set to a certain speed during the test, in the Jeep’s case 39.5 mph, before the driver swerves through some cones in a simulation meant to mimic a panic situation. The previous generation Grand Cherokee passed the same test in 2005 without any problems, but as you can see in the image above, the truck rises quickly onto two wheels.

It’s a situation that would likely prove fatal for an unprepared driver, and one that other vehicles proved competent in avoiding — even at higher speeds. Those cars included a BMW X5, Volkswagen Toureg and Volvo XC90, all of which passed the test at 43.5 mph.

It’s not clear why the SUV performed so poorly, especially as, like most modern SUVs, it uses a sophisticated stability control system mean to intervene and prevent such dangerous situations.

In April of 2010, Consumer Reports gave the Lexus GX460 a Do Not Buy rating after it showed a similar reaction in that publication’s tests.

[Source: Teknikens Värld]

  • Rick Deneau

    Chrysler statement:
    Chrysler Group engineers are investigating a Swedish magazine’s evaluation of the 2012 Grand Cherokee. During the evaluation, the publication was able to capture images of a Grand Cherokee on two wheels as it performed an extreme maneuver in an overloaded condition.
    Advised of this event by the magazine, Chrysler Group engineers made numerous attempts to reproduce the wheel-lift in a properly loaded vehicle. Extensive testing produced no such result.
    A subsequent evaluation was conducted by the magazine July 8 in Sweden and witnessed by Chrysler Group engineers. Three vehicles performed 11 runs on a course prepared by the magazine. None reproduced the original event.
    The uncharacteristic result was obtained using a vehicle loaded beyond its weight specifications. The Grand Cherokee’s weight limitations are clearly stated on the vehicle and in the owner’s manual. Also, the extreme maneuver performed by the magazine is not certified by any regulatory agency, nor is it used to establish any sanctioned safety ratings.
    Chrysler Group takes seriously any safety concerns and engineers are examining the event to better understand the magazine’s claims.A “Top Safety Pick” of the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the 2012 Grand Cherokee is an award-winning SUV that features Electronic Stability Control and Electronic Roll Mitigation as standard equipment. It meets or exceeds all government safety mandates and its outstanding performance has made it the most awarded SUV in history.

  • Cruncher

    From the picture it looks as if the off-road clearance lift feature is applied, as both wheels are clearing the fenders rather than almost scraping, as they would be if the suspension was being colapsed in a “real” roll over.

  • Noe Japan

    Here today moose tomorrow

  • Ta

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  •  This is a joke from Jeep. You can read the true story with vids in the teknikens webpage. Jeep, you are pathetic.