Jeep Grand Cherokee TrailHawk Edition

Jeep Grand Cherokee TrailHawk Edition

Official details from the automaker as still unreleased, but that hasn’t stopped a photo and an illustration from revealing what the Jeep Grand Cherokee TrailHawk Edition will look like.

Jeep enthusiasts seem to fall under two broad categories: those who drive off road and those who dont. While that’s a label general enough to slap on any driver, it takes on a special meaning with the trail-focused Chrysler subsidiary. That’s why every so often a special edition crawls out of the mud and onto showroom floors. In this case it’s the Grand Cherokee TrailHawk Edition seen above.

White paint with matte gray accents surrounded by red pin striping and a matching grille set the truck apart, though there’s a lot more to the package than paint and plastic. It also gets an air-lift suspension, an electronic limited-slip differential, off-road tires, Mopar rock sliders and a 5.7-liter Hemi providing power.

Fantastic as all that is, it’s important to remember that the special edition will probably come with a hefty premium. Pricing isn’t available this early, but as any off-roading enthusiast knows, looks are only good until the first tree branches leave scratch marks, or a pokey rock punches into the fender.

[Source: JeepGarage]