Land Rover Adventures Returns to North America

Land Rover Adventures Returns to North America

Land Rover North America is now offering four and eight day driving programs for off-road enthusiasts looking to push Land Rover’s vehicles to the limits.

The “Land Rover Adventure” excursions will take you through the Moab Desert with the four-day event occurring from August 24 through 27 and the eight day running from August 27 to September 2. In either event, participants will be behind the wheel of a 2012 Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and Land Rover LR4.

Pricing for the four day excursion starts at $4,500 per couple and $3,250 per single; while the eight day excursion is $13,000 per couple and $9,000 per single.

Those opting for the cheaper and shorter adventure will go through the heart of the Moab Desert, navigate “Hell’s Revenge” while taking in the breathtaking views of the Colorado River and Arches National Park. The British automaker will also blend a bit of luxurious lifestyle with the four day event with relaxing dinners, tailgate lunches, and accommodations at the Sorrel River Ranch & Spa.

As for the eight day adventure, enthusiasts will not just visit the Moab Desert but continue on through Telluride, Colorado. The aspen-lined trails of Telluride will be accompanied by lodging at the Lumiere in Telluride Mountain Village. Finally, guests will receive VIP tickets to the Telluride Film Festival.

“Land Rovers are some of the most capable, luxury off-road vehicles in the world and Land Rover Adventures brings them to life in a unique manner that only our brand can deliver,” said Kim McCullough, Brand Vice President of Land Rover North America. “The programs enable adventure and travel enthusiasts to experience our vehicles in the environment for which they were designed, while providing the fine touches of luxury that are reflective of the Land Rover brand.”