Lexus LFA AD-B Bright Green Model Revealed in Video

Lexus LFA AD-B Bright Green Model Revealed in Video

A second mysterious Lexus LFA was spotted around the Nurburgring only a week after the LFA “AD-A” was spotted with changes from the production model.

As you can see, this version sports a bright green finish and “AD-B” markings along the side. There hasn’t been any official information released about either of the unusual Lexus supercars, but the special lettering is spurring speculation.

When the LFA debuted in 2009, the company made it clear that production would be limited to 500 units at the snail’s pace of 20 per month. Given that the production run is almost at its end, f we’re wondering if the last few to be made will be special commemorative editions.

The blue car we saw last week had four tail pipes mounted under the taillights instead of the normal triangular three-pipe configuration. This version has the usual three and one less intake on its hood.

We’ll be watching closely or more news on these cars and anything other LFAs that might surface.

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